Thursday, November 4, 2010

Handy HTC accessories

There are so many accessories for HTC handsets available, it can be time consuming trying to find the best for your handset. Well, here's a few to consider.

HTC Series Car Mount: This car mount comes with an adjustable holder that is designed to fit every kind of phone and it is also covered with foam to prevent unwanted scratches. It has a locking suction cup that makes mounting quick and easy

Monaco Anti-Glare Screen Protector: This is one of the best screen protectors I have seen so far. It is high quality and will prevent scratches to your smartphone without loosing the visibility of your screen. It can be easily removed from your phone without leaving any marks.

HTC Hands Free Car Kit: This is a good car kit for any HTC phone. It connects via bluetooth, then transmits hifi audio through your cars FM stereo. The audio quality is very clear and it removes the burden of holding your phone while driving. You can easily adjust the volume control while driving.  Talk, Charge and Play.

Solar Charger: If you are one of those people who always forget to charge their phones before they leave home, a solar charger is definitely for you.
Handset Solar Charger Kits usually come packed with a USB cable, Mini USB cable and Micro USB cable. The total charge time is about 8 hours, some can seem a bit expensive but it’s definitely a handy accessory to have around

S200 Stereo Headset: You're able to receive and make clear calls with this headset. The quality is great for the price and has the ability to answer/end calls, call holding/swapping, and a volume control .
The price for this headset varies but is available on Amazon at the moment for under $10

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cut the Rope, a Ticklish Treat for Casual Gamers

Cut the Rope is a new puzzle game from renowned app developer Chillingo. Cut the Rope features a fun package for the casual player, with its cutesy graphics paired to a clever game mechanics and challenging play. To beat it, users must employ a variety of tactics based on physics, logic and the usual quick reflexes, making Cut the Rope a very entertaining diversion for iOS gadget users. 75 levels of play give the game a satisfying replay factor guarantee hours of idle pleasure.

The concept of Cut the Rope is somewhat evocative of Gremlins, beginning with a strange carton box which arrives at the player’s doorstep together with a written note asking him or her to feed the small creature within. As it happens, candy is the critter’s favorite, and it is the player’s objective to get those sweets to feed the creature. These are found hanging down from ropes which must be maneuvered to within reach for the player to grab, a task that is easier said than done. Fortunately, a variety of tools are available to help out. It is possible to cut the ropes, use bubbles, blowers and others to get the candy while staying clear of traps containing spiders or electric currents. Care must be taken to deliver the sweets to Om Nom, the critter, as fast as possible to keep him from being sad.  

Like mentioned before, the heart-tickling animation and richly-colored visuals are the main draw of the game. These, partnered with the skipping beat of the background sound makes for a great game to while away the time. An additional challenge comes in the form of three stars that needs to be collected in each level before the player can progress to the next. The gameplay is non-linear in that previous levels can be replayed. The levels are in the form of different-styled, colorful boxes that present varying degrees of challenge. 

As with other Chillingo apps, this one has its own free version. The full version, though, is a steal at 99 cents, having the makings of a quality and entertaining pastime that players of all ages will enjoy.

Wake up to Alarm Clock Pro

Wake up to a charming little app called "Alarm Clock Pro".

The iPhone is a wondrous device with so many functional applications to make up a multipurpose solution for various user needs all in one package. In addition to the bundled apps that come with every unit, there are several free and paid add-ons that serve to enhance the experience of owning an iPhone. Those looking for an alarm clock app to add to the defaults in their device can find a very useful alternative in Alarm Clock Pro from iHandySoft.

This app has a nostalgic feel in it with its bedside-alarm-clock appearance, but there are so much more to it than meets the eye. For a dollar, users not only get a full function alarm clock app but loads of other unique options as well.   

Alarm Clock Pro gives the user the ability to change settings like brightness level, color and style. It also has a flashlight option as a nifty feature. iPhone users can select from either a standard time or military time format for its main display, which can also show the current weekday. Customize options for a snooze function and multiple alarms are also available. Any one of a default array of up to twelve alarm tunes can be set, but sounds sourced from the device’s music library can be used just as well. With an iOS 4 enabled in the user’s device, Alarm Clock Pro is able to do its potentially most unique feature, which is to set the alarm even without having to manually run the app.   

Alarm Clock Pro satisfies many of the needs users look for in a digital alarm clock. A convenient package and numerous functionalities make it handy for waking up to all kinds of settings both in the comfort of the home or outdoors. Future functions that are sure to excite users include a soon-to-be launched sleep timer feature, which allows music listeners to fall asleep without having to turn off their devices manually. With the addition of the sleep timer the app comes full circle as one of the most versatile in its category. New themes are also in the cards with future releases.

Alarm Clock Pro is one the most comprehensive Alarm Clock applications to make its way to the iPhone. For a price just a cent shy of one dollar, users will have availed of an excellent clock and alarm gadget chock full of tasteful options. Competitors will find it hard to beat it in terms of value and utility.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Garmin GPS - nuvi 3700

Garmin - nuvi 3700

Garmin has established itself firmly in the world of portable GPS systems. Today most of the new cars released have employed Garmin for their navigation support. The company has GPS solutions right across the entire industry for Road, Water, and Air.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite based navigation system comprising of 24 satellites around our earth’s orbit commenced by the USA's Department of Defense (DOD). This service was initially employed strictly for Military purpose but from 1980, this has been broadened to civilian use too. The system works efficiently in any climatic conditions, time of day an any location with an unobstructed view of the sky. There are no subscription fees or any kind of set-up charges to use GPS.

The GPS satellites, orbit around the earth in a precise path and transmit their signal to earth. The GPS receivers use these emitted signals from the satellites and using a triangulation method calculate the GPS receiver’s exact position. The GPS receiver compares the time difference between the signals transmitted by the satellite and received by itself and draws a conclusion as to how far away is the satellite from the receiver and vice-versa.
With this technology the receiver can track itself with the help of other satellites too which are in orbital proximity with it to determine its actual position and get it displayed on the electronic map inbuilt in to the system. A GPS receiver must be locked in with three satellites at least to give the right 2D positioning, latitude, longitude, and tracking movement. With four or more satellite locked a 3D aspect can be granted to understand the position of a receiver on latitude, longitude, and altitude. Once the exact GPS location is known other aspects of physics can be easily calculated like trip distance, distance to destination and more.

The latest Garmin nuvi 3700 series has been my personal favorite for various technological and aesthetic aspects. These personal navigation system are slim, sturdy, multi-touch glass display along with various in-house application like nuRoute, trafficTrends and myTrends technology,voice enabled navigation, 3D building and terrain view, lane assistance with junction view, hands-free calling compatibility and subscription-free traffic alerts. Yes, the product is Bluetooth enabled.

The sleek design of nuvi is less than 9mm thick having a full glass 4.3” diagonal multi-touch display. The Dual orientation feature allows for nuvi 3790T to be used either horizontally or vertically, fitting smartly in hand and its sleek design makes it quite comfortable and possible to slip into your pocket or purse. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the device is at your service on road or foot.

The featured like nuRoute, trafficTrends and myTrends are of great help and use in ease of navigation and provide an alternative, quick and easier route if available for your disposal. This service is not subscription based, no cost; all you need is your nuvi 3790T at your perusal. The trafficTrends functionality helps your device to automatically learn the daytime trends of traffic flow to improve the routes and better predict the estimated time of arrival based on time or day of the week. The myTrends functionality helps and works in-line with the routes you have saved on your Favorite list, it will in due time understand your current route, map it with the favorite route and intuitively direct you to destination during your drive.

The speech commands along with its directions listen to your spoken commands and responds accordingly, with its innovative speech recognition, allowing your complete attention to wheels. The nuvi customizable voice command can be easily activated as a talking genie towards your destination.