Sunday, October 24, 2010

BlackBerry Tour 9630 Accessories

Are you looking for accessories for your BlackBerry Tour 9630. There are many accessories for BlackBerrys in the market today and it can be quite difficult trying to figure out which of these accessories is a perfect fit for your phone. Since most of these accessories are created by third party manufactures and not BlackBerry, you will find lots of low grade accessories.

Below I have listed some high quality BlackBerry Tour 9630 accessories which you can buy for your phone.

Handsfree-Dragon Bluetooth Headset: This headset is one of a kind with a superb range and functionality. With a range of 328+ feet, you can roam around your home or office without carrying your phone with you. It is a dual micro-phone noise suppression headset. You can literally be in an airport and you will be able to hear the call quality both crisp and clear without any background noise. The list price of this headset is $119.00 But that seems to have changed dramatically. After an early manufacturing run, quite a few defective units were shipped out (then replaced), so the unit got a bit of a bad rep from negative reviews. You can currently pick one up at Amazon for under $20

Universal Rok Kit: This compact high quality universal rob kit is one that is sturdy with good suction that is virtually vibration free. Universal Rok Mobile Mount Kit

Mobi Product Cradle w/Spare Battery Slot: This cradle slot comes with a battery and easily charges your phone and a spare battery at the same time. Though this product is more expensive than its competitors, you can be rest assured that your battery and your phone will not end up been destroyed.

Smartphone Expert Screen Protector: This screen protector protects your phone from scratches caused from falling on hard surfaces . The screen protector also reduces the distractive glare which is caused by reflected light which enhances the quality of your screen. The texture of the screen is quite different from other screen protector with a smooth and sleek feel.

Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard: You have probably heard of keyboards for phones. This Keyboard is Bluetooth enabled and it's actually the latest dual profile, portable keyboard in the market today. It has more functions and keys more than it's previous version. It will definitely give you more control of your mobile device. Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard

Wilson Electronic SIGNAL BOOST: Does your smartphone have low reception. With the Wilson Electronic SIGNAL BOOST, you are able to enhance the receptivity of your BlackBerry smartphone. You do not have to plug in this device to your smartphone. All you have to do is leave it in an area where your smartphone has poor reception, and boosts the signal for multiple users

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