Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blackberry Storm2 9550

Good reasons to get a Blackberry Storm2 9550

Are you thinking of buying the Blackberry Storm2 9550 and you are probably wondering why you should get one. There are many phones in the market today and it can be very difficult trying to pick a particular one to buy. Other factors that might deter you from buying this phone could be the price. At a whopping minimum price of $425.00, not everyone will be able to cough out money to buy this phone. Compared to most of its counterparts, the Blackberry Storm2 9550 is by far better.

If you are still thinking of why you should get a Blackberry Storm2 9550, here are a few good reasons to consider about this phone.

We are going to talk about its High resolution and and touchscreen. We are also going to talk about its Qwerty keyboard. Finally , we are going to talk about the life of the battery. After reading this article, you will have good reasons why you should get a Blackberry Storm2 9550.

High Resolution Screen: If you love to watch videos on your phone, you will definitely be pleased with the high resolution screen of the this phone. It comes with a 480 x 360 Display 3.25". It can support over 65,000 colors. The quality of the image is very bright and sharp.

High Resolution Touchscreen: Compared to other phones with touchscreen, you won't get the same quality and ease of use as you will with this phone. One of the good things about using the touchscreen on this phone is that you can simply tap on various element on the homescreen without having to waste unnecessary space on application icons.

Qwerty Keyboard: Those who love using Qwerty Keyboards will definitely love this one. Most people often complain that the Qwerty keyboard is usually small resulting in too many errors when typing. The Keyboard on this phone is much bigger and also in a landscape position which is much easier when typing. The pop up key on the display will also display a pop up window on your screen that will show you which key is been pressed.

Battery: Another factor to consider is the battery life. Most phones normally don't stay up for long before their battery dies. This is normally due to applications running all at the same time. With the Blackberry Storm2 9500, you are guaranteed a minimum talk time of almost 6 hours and a standby time of 11 days.

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